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These are some of the publicly-available projects of which I am most proud. Some are still under active development and for some of which my role has ended. Some are things that may return one day to active development. Projects listed here are ones in which I have or had a major role.

  • Co-author, Building 360° Information Applications. This IBM Redbooks® publication provides information about Watson Explorer 9.0, InfoSphere MDM, and PME for InfoSphere BigInsights™. It gives an overview, describes the architecture, and presents use cases that usable to understand the core capabilities of Watson Explorer, InfoSphere MDM, and PME for BigInsights, realize the full potential of Watson Explorer applications, describe the integration and value of the combination of Watson Explorer and InfoSphere MDM, build a 360-degree information application, and learn by example by following hands-on lab scenarios.
  • National Archives and Records Administration, Electronic Records Archives, Online Public Access project - Lead technical resource representing Vivísimo for nearly two years, configuring and customizing the search engine software powering the site. Unknown number of users, but I estimate it to be in the tens of thousands per week.
  • fillertext - Ruby library for creating placeholder text in application interfaces. More than 750 downloads from and powers my own Yinzer Ipsum.
  • Vojisto - Linux distribution for flash party network routers
  • Deano - simple PHP web microframework that powers
  • Westminster College Money Bomb - impromptu grassroots fundraiser for my alma mater.
  • YEARwithoutDRM - a challenge to those who consume controlled digital goods.

These projects are in development right now.

There are lots more projects that I can talk about, but have no public link or public documentation of my involvement. Why not ask me about them over a beer?

I keep most of my code on my Github. See the "Sources" tab there for projects I've started, or the "Forks" tab for projects to which I have contributed at some point. There are always projects to which I've contributed that I have removed from my forks list, though, so perhaps give a good search for "colindean" in Github's primary search!