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Colin is a classically-trained computer scientist with a penchant for journalism. I write code and articles. Colin aspires to be a polymath, as his thirst for knowledge knows few topical bounds. He once upon a time aspired to teach high school computer science. He would eventually like to find himself in the employ of himself or someone with similar goals and talents, doing whatever he loves and loving whatever he is doing. Starting a company with a web app as its primary product sounds like a great plan, but he keeps an open mind.

Check out his portfolio.

Are you a thinking of recruiting Colin for your next endeavor? If so, please read the rest of this section.

  • Please note that Colin is not actively pursuing opportunities for full-time employment, but he does view every opportunity that makes its way into his inbox. Please don't be offended if he doesn't respond.
  • Colin would really only consider an opportunity that is in the greater Pittsburgh area or allows telecommuting.
  • Please do not bother to contact Colin with employment offers that require relocation, unless you absolutely must have him, and only he is suitable for the position you wish to fill, and compensation is seriously no object!
  • DO NOT CONNECT with Colin on Facebook or LinkedIn if you and he have not met in person. Feel free to follow him on GitHub or Twitter, though, and check out his Stack Overflow Careers profile.
  • Please include the name of your client in your message. Colin has worked with recruiters previously and will not intentionally cause you to lose your commission, should your attempts be successful.
  • If you are able to find it, under no circumstances should you email his IBM address with anything unrelated to Vivísimo or IBM. Thanks for respecting his inbox and workflow!

On Interviewing Colin

If steps in your interview process not involving human interaction, e.g. a code test, take more than two hours, please devise an abbreviated test prior to contacting Colin. Then, use that test on him and everyone else you interview after him, because no code test should ever take more than two non-contiguous hours.

If contrived evaluations like whiteboarding, digital or in-person, would be a part of the interview, please skip these parts of the interview for Colin. He has found that these evaluations do not reflect accurately the skills of the candidates whom he has evaluated over the years. He long since eliminated whiteboarding from his interview processes because of its ineffectiveness and would not wish that method upon anyone, interviewee or interviewer.

Colin generally doesn't have the bandwidth to study for a technical examination even if directly related to the role I’m pursuing because of his community leadership activities. He’d be happy to interview in a process that is well-defined but more oriented toward the life of an engaged professional with obligations outside of the workplace, such as children, a time-consuming hobby, or long-term volunteering.